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  • Kookaburra Chamois Hockey is a Non-slip overgrip for stick handles offering exceptional moisture management. Rolleston Selwyn

    Kookaburra Chamois Hockey Grip

  • Kookaburra Dragon 950

  • Kookaburra Dusk 700

  • Kookaburra Hockey Shoe Integrated Neoprene sock for exceptional fit. Transparent coated mesh upper for added water resistance and durability Rolleston Selwyn

    Kookaburra Hockey Shoe

  • Kookaburra Hockey starter pack Contains a hockey stick, shin guards, hockey ball, mouthguardPacked in a convenient, reusable carry bag. Rolleston Selwyn

    Kookaburra Hockey starter pack

  • Kookaburra Matrix Hockey Ball Developed to be used on hybrid pitches. Revolutionary true tracking PU cover. Rolleston Selwyn

    Kookaburra Matrix Hockey Ball

  • Kookaburra neon shin guard. Rolleston selwyn

    Kookaburra Neon Shin Guard

  • Kookaburra Phoenix 950

  • Kookaburra Pro Cushion Grip replacement grip with a unique radial pattern to ensure moisture dispersal and provide excellent traction. Rolleston Selwyn

    Kookaburra Pro Cushion Grip

  • Kookaburra shin sleeves

  • Kookaburra Warrior Shin Guard

  • Kookaburra Xenon Plus Hockey Glove has a Integrated TPU shellExtended finger protection Ergonomic design for comfortable fit. Rolleston Selwyn

    Kookaburra Xenon Plus Hockey Glove

  • Kookaburre origin 6 stick bag. Rolleston, Selwyn

    Kookaburra Origin 6 Stick Bag

  • Kookaburra 3 stick hockey stick bag. Rolleston, Sewlyn

    Kookaburra Calibre 3 Stick Bag

  • Kookaburra origin 3 stick bag. Rolleston, Selwyn

    Kookaburra Origin 3 Stick Bag

  • Kookaburra origin backpack. Rolleston selwyn

    Kookaburra Origin Hockey Backpack