Line and Leader

Line and Leader

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  • Shimano Kairiki 8 Mantis Green Shimano's enhanced body treatment (S-EBT) for friction reduction and abrasion resistance. Rolleston Selwyn

    Shimano Kairiki 8 Mantis Green

  • sufix 832 hi vis braided line. Rolleston, selwyn

    Sufix 832 Braided Line

  • power pro barided fishing line. moss green. Rolleston, selwyn

    Power Pro Spectra Braid – Moss Green 500yds

  • sufix siege mono fishing line. Rolleston, selwyn

    Sufix Siege Monofiliment Line

  • Sufix cast n catch mono. Rolleston, Selwyn

    Sufix Cast ‘N Catch Monofilamant

  • Shimano ocea flurocarbon leader material. Rolleston, selwyn

    Shimano Ocea Flurocarbon Leader

  • Sufix Superior mono leader material. Rolleston, Selwyn

    Sufix Superior Mono Leader